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Bellydance Classes

Come learn traditional middle eastern dance to modern fusion styles taught by Jenna Mitchell.

The fundamental movements are broken down, along with the drum rhythms, veil work, zills and other props.

Tuesday Night
Beginning Belly Dance: 6:00 pm 
Thursday Nights
Intermediate/Advanced:  5:30 pm 
Performance Group: Thursdays 6:30 pm
$45 per month ($11.25 class)
$15 drop-in


Hula Classes

 Hula students explore the depths of the art of hula by learning the mele (poetry) of our songs because hula interprets the mele and tells a story through its motions.  By learning the mele, we are able to dance the songs with our inner spirit, with deeper feelings of aloha (love).

Students also learn about the Hawaiian culture, music, language and dance. Gradually they learn to use some of the implements that the Hawaiians used to portray some of their songs. Students are taught the proper Hawaiian names for the hula steps, which are introduced as they learn their dances, and they may also be exposed to dances of other cultural groups.

Wednesday Nights
Beginning 5:45 pm  |  Intermediate 7:00 pm  |  Performance 8:30 pm
$45 – $60 per month depending on the class

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Swing Dance Classes

Dance lessons are every Monday night. Level 1 Beginning drop-in begins at 7pm. Level 2 begins at 6pm. Please arrive on time so you will get the most out of each class. We teach the original swing dance, the Lindy Hop!

SLO Rugcutters currently offers a Level 1 and a Level 2 class, both are drop-in friendly and no partner required. See below to determine where you should start. Take one or both at only $5 per night, register at the door. You will be on the dance floor in no time!

Monday Nights
6:00 pm Level 1
7:00 pm Level 2
Take one or both at only $5 per night, register at the door.

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Flamenco Dance

Flamenco dance is beautiful art form based on the various folkloric music and dance traditions of Southern Spain. Improving posture, technique, musicality, and rhythm. Performance opportunities available. 

All levels, ages,  and genders are welcome. 

Thursday Nights
7:30 pm multi-level class 
Drop-in $15/class

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